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13 Proven Ways to Get Out from a Bad Mood in Minutes

13 Proven Ways to Get Out from a Bad Mood in Minutes


Having a bad day is quite common. A few simple and small piece of activity can spoil our mood anytime. Reasons like a bad job interview, fight with a friend or family member, ignorance from your loved ones can make you feel bad about the day and feel like why this happens to you only.


You cannot stop that thing to happen but yes you can cover up the mood swing with the help of a few hacks that are of less than 10 minutes. So, if next time anything unexpected mood swings appear, you can try them to get free from them in no time.


Have a look below.


1. Try to Smile

try to smile

Smile is the best hack you can do to yourself while you are facing a bad mood. Just remember any of your funny or good moment and just smile as wide as you can. It will help you avoid the bad thought you were on.


2. Play Games

Play Games

If you are fond of gaming either indoor or outdoor, just go for it. Th very smartest way to shape your mood in a healthy way.


3. Smell Orange

Smell Orange

If talking biologically, it is a proven way to smell the scent of an orange to settle your mind in a smooth way. It improves your mood by reducing the anxiety level.


4. Talk to Friend or Family

Talk to Friend or Family

The universally accepted formula to make up your bad mood is to share the feeling with your close ones. As soon as we share things with family or friends, you get a partner to that feeling and sometimes you may get a good advice that can help you remove the feel.


5. Say Sorry

Say Sorry

Many times, we get a spoiled mood when we feel guilty about doing something bad to someone. But instead of feeling guilty, you can confidently say sorry for whatever bad you have done to them.


6. Have Chocolates

Have Chocolates

Chocolates are really mood delighted. If you are not feeling good without any reason as it’s a bad day for no reason, you can simply have chocolates and get a fresh feel all over your mind. This is the only reason when women are on their periods, they are suggested to have chocolate as it makes them less irritated by the situation.


7. Find Good About Yourself

Find Good About Yourself

It is my personal belief that in this whole world, there exists only a single person that can tell the good and bad honestly, and that is me. So, question yourself about the good in you and the good deeds you have done till then. Think about them, it will surely make you feel good about yourself.


8. Dress up and Go out

Dress up and Go out

If nothing working to set up your bad mood, just dress up in the best outfit, go out and treat yourself for no reason. If you are fond of natural beauty and bliss, you can simply go out for a walk-in garden, park etc.


9. Play with Your Pet

Play with Your Pet

If you are the one who loves to keep a pet, it’s a boon. Being with your pet can instantly change your mind. Play with it, as it is always really to do it for you. Have fun, cuddle with it. It will make your day.


10. Take a Nap

Take a Nap

Sleeping anytime is my favourite time pass. If you are not able to fix your problem, just take a good nap. Having sound sleep make it possible for your mind feel relaxed and avoid the problem that is the reason for your bad mood.


11. Be with Someone Who Makes You Happy

Be with Someone Who Makes You Happy

If you want to be happy, just call the one you feel happy to be with. It can be your friend, lover, family, anyone and just spent time with them.


12.  Cook/Eat Your Favorite Food

Cook/Eat Your Favorite Food

If you love cooking, go for it, make the best of your favourite item and eat it with complete joy. I am some kind of foody that makes me happy whenever I eat the food of my choice alone :p


13. Remember Good Times

Remember Good Times

It is the best you can do to yourself. Go through the photo albums of your childhood and remember the moments. Looking back through the old and beautiful memory makes you happy in seconds.


If bad mood knocks at your mind, the solution is right in front of you. Take action and you will be fine.


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